LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
Our representative offices:

413124, Engels, Studencheskaya street ,68 "b", letter A, floor 1, office III, IV

num. 8-927-623-27-61

Representative in Sochinum. 8-918-104-59-19

109202, Moscow, Perovskoye highway, 21, building 2

num. 8-906-746-94-97


The company LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological Surveys and Design» Geosphere» is designing for the construction and reconstruction of fuel and energy, industrial and civil complexes, road facilities.

during the design all the wishes of the Customer, the possibilities of modern building technologies, the newest design solutions and our accumulated experience are taken into account.

We carry out:

  • development of territory planning project;
  • development of a master building plan;
  • architectural and design projects;
  • designing of warehouse and office buildings;
  • design of multi-storey residential buildings (point and complex development);
  • designing of office buildings;
  • the development of projects for the reorganization and removal of communications;
  • design of engineering systems and supply networks;
  • development of the environmental protection section of the environment;
  • designing of recreational complexes (rest houses, boarding houses, sanatoriums, hotel complexes, bath-and-laundry complexes);
  • designing of individual spaces (cottages, club houses);
  • mathematical modeling of geofiltration for evaluation systems of depreciation and their effective work;
  • design of drainage systems (mathematical modeling of geofiltration for evaluation systems of depreciation and their effective operation);
  • development and justification of recommendations for the choice of construction technology and protective engineering measures assessment of the state and forecast of man-caused impacts;
  • assessment of risks systems of depreciation and environmental impact (calculation of additional sediments due to water loss);
  • the development of monitoring systems for groundwater;
  • design of drainage networks of storm water and meltwater for new development areas;
  • designing of engineering protection and drainage of slopes in connection with the design
  • shore strengthening and embankment construction;
  • development of projects to protect water areas from pollution; 

Each square meter, designed by us, will rationally identify your idea of the living space!