LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
Our representative offices:

413124, Engels, Studencheskaya street ,68 "b", letter A, floor 1, office III, IV

num. 8-927-623-27-61

Representative in Sochinum. 8-918-104-59-19

109202, Moscow, Perovskoye highway, 21, building 2

num. 8-906-746-94-97

Survey of buildings and structures

Specialists of our company will make a technical survey of buildings and structures. In the process of inspection, the analysis and assessment of the condition of load-bearing structures, foundations and ground base is made, the possibility of further operation, the feasibility of reconstruction and prevention of accidents is determined.

The purpose of the technical survey is to determine the current technical condition of all structures of buildings or structures, as well as to identify defects and performance characteristics of structures on the basis of which their future behavior is predicted.

Technical inspection is mandatory in the following cases:

  • Destruction of the building, or its individual structures;
  • At visible defects of designs;
  • With plans for changing the functional purpose of the building and redevelopment;
  • During reconstruction;
  • With the resumption of construction after the "conservation".

We offer:

  • Inspection of industrial and civil buildings;
  • Power line survey;
  • Inspection of main collectors and microtunnels.

The following work is monitored and performed During the survey:

  • Geometric control;
  • Determination of the position and construction of foundations;
  • Defining and fixing defects;
  • Inspection of load-bearing structures;
  • Determination of rheological properties of base soils;
  • Definitions of the state, degree of deformation and corrosion of structural elements and buildings (roof, roofbeams, masonry, etc.).