LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
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num. 8-927-623-27-61

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Thanks to the use of geophysical methods, the quality is significantly improved and the detail of engineering surveys is increased. Geophysical research is important and in demand at all stages of design.

We perform the following geophysical studies:

As part of engineering and geological surveys to:

  • separation of geological section and definition physical and lithological boundaries;
  • determination of the boundary of water stops;
  • monitoring of dangerous geological and engineering-geological processes;
  • search underground utilities and underground facilities.

In the composition of specialized seismotectonic works for:

  • obtaining initial data for seismic microzoning;
  • detection of tectonic disturbances and zones of increased fracturing.

As part of research for the design of electrochemical protection in order to:

  • Definition of SPECIFIC ELECTRICAL RESISTANCE and corrosion aggressiveness of soils;
  • determining the presence of stray currents in the earth.

To solve the above tasks, the following geophysical methods are used:

  • seismic survey of Correlation method of refracted waves (CMRW);
  • electrical exploration by the method of vertical electrical sounding (dipole axial sensing, dipole equatorial sounding, dipole azimuth sounding) including in the version of electro tomography;
  • sounding by the formation of a field in the near zone by the technique of transient processes (SFZ-MТP);
  • electrical profiling (dipole electrical profiling, electric profiling by the median gradient method, bilateral axial profiling);
  • the charged body method (CBM);
  • method of natural field (MNF);
  • georadiolocation.

The geophysical party uses modern equipment and techniques in its work. When carrying out engineering and geophysical studies and compiling reports on their results, specialists of LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological Surveys and Design» Geosphere» use modern equipment and software to perform a full range of geophysical work at all stages of the production process.