LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
Our representative offices:

413124, Engels, Studencheskaya street ,68 "b", letter A, floor 1, office III, IV

num. 8-927-623-27-61

Representative in Sochinum. 8-918-104-59-19

109202, Moscow, Perovskoye highway, 21, building 2

num. 8-906-746-94-97

Engineering-geological surveys, geological works

Specialists of the company LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological Surveys and Design» Geosphere» will quickly and efficiently perform all the necessary engineering and geological work in accordance with the technical task of the contracting company, drawn up by the project organization in accordance with the existing regulatory documents and standards.

These works are of fundamental importance, both in the design process and in the initial stages of construction, no matter what object you build, provided that the research will be handled by professionals with practical experience and fundamental academic knowledge. Our company has all the necessary resources to successfully solve the set task of any complexity in the field of engineering geology.

We offer the following services in this section:

  • Reconnaissance surveys;
  • Collection and processing of data from previous years;
  • The passage of mine workings;
  • Selection and packaging of soil samples;
  • Static and dynamic sounding;
  • Pressiometry and soil testing with a stamp;
  • Testing of soils with a flat dilatometer;
  • Hydrogeological observation;
  • Making a forecast of changes in the geological environment;
  • Monitoring of the geological environment and support of construction in areas with dangerous phenomena (slope processes);
  • Drawing up of programs of works of unique objects of building and engineering protection;
  • Data acquisition for various models of soil-base interaction (PLAXIS);
  • Laboratory studies of soils and groundwater;
  • Cameral processing of results with the issuance of conclusions and recommendations.

We are always ready to cooperate with you!