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Field control

Our company will help you to escort the object of any complexity!

Field monitoring of engineering surveys is one of the main components of the successful implementation of any project. Perhaps you will think, but why do you need field control? We only choose professionals. But, as in any production, the quality of the products produced is determined not only by the qualifications of employees, but also by the quality control service, both internal and external.

In the production of goods, a decrease in quality leads to a decrease in sales, and in the construction sector, because of improper performance of works, can lead to additional monetary costs and for often very substantial, and sometimes to the flesh, until the construction object is lost. Therefore, monitoring is not a way to catch dishonest prospectors, but joint work that leads to optimizing investor costs.

What the field control gives:

  • saving time for project implementation;
  • confidence in the reliability of the data received;
  • adoption of more effective design solutions "zero cycle".

We offer:

  • Assessment and control of the compliance of the field survey according to the approved program of work;
  • monitoring the performance of drilling operations, meeting the requirements for the type and type of drilling, achieving design depths, meeting the requirements for sampling and packaging, transportation and storage;
  • control over field exploration of soils by various methods for compliance with the requirements of GOST and regulatory documents.

One time check is cheaper than two times to remake!