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Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys are an independent type of engineering surveys, performed as part of complex engineering surveys, and separately for a specific technical task of the customer.

Engineering-hydrometeorological surveys for construction are a complex of works ensuring the study of the hydrometeorological conditions of the territory (area, site, plot, route) of construction and forecasting possible changes in these conditions as a result of interaction with the projected facility in order to obtain the necessary and sufficient materials for making sound design decisions.

Composition of engineering-hydrometeorological surveys:

  • collection, analysis and generalization of materials of hydrometeorological and cartographic study of the territory;
  • reconnaissance survey of the survey area;
  • Observing the characteristics of the hydrological regime of water bodies and the climate, as well as occasional work on their study;
  • the study of dangerous hydrometeorological processes and phenomena;
  • cameral processing of materials with determination of computed hydrological and (or) meteorological characteristics;
  • drawing up a technical report (conclusion).

Special works and research in engineering-hydrometeorological surveys:

  • study of microclimatic conditions;
  • features of the hydraulic mode of sections of rivers, reservoirs and downstreams;
  • characteristics of channel and floodplain deformations of rivers, water erosion activity and ravine.

Work results

Based on the results of engineering-hydrometeorological surveys, the customer receives a technical report containing:

  • results of processing and analysis of materials for the entire period of observations with an assessment of the regime of water bodies, climate and construction conditions;
  • information and results of processing of reconnaissance survey materials; tables of results of determination of hydrometeorological characteristics, as well as results of analysis of graphic material;
  • long-term characteristics of the hydrological regime of water objects and climate - are stated and substantiated by the methods adopted for the production of hydrometeorological characteristics calculations;
  • long-term characteristics established for analogues in order to transfer them to the calculation line;
  • calculated hydrometeorological characteristics required to justify the design of the facilities;
  • annexes to the technical report - table and graphic material.

Advantages for the processing of data obtained during the implementation of engineering-hydrometeorological surveys are specialized software, including:

  • Software complex "Hydraulic calculations" for determination of calculated hydrological characteristics in accordance with Set of Rules 33-101-2003;
  • "Hydrology-2" to determine the calculated levels of water;

AutoCad and its additions 3DService, "Hydrology", "Wind Rose" - for the construction of longitudinal and transverse profiles of watercourses, schemes and plans for channeling, wind rose.