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Hydrogeological survey

Hydrogeological works are researches that are carried out when performing engineering surveys for the construction, if necessary, of assessing the impact of the projected facilities on groundwater.

Groundwater studies are performed in a complex of engineering-geological surveys or as a separate type of work.

Specialists of the company LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological Surveys and Design» Geosphere» will carry out surveys for construction, including a number of hydrogeological works:

  • experimental filtration work with drilling wells and performing experimental pumping;
  • hydrogeological modeling using modern software;
  • forecast changes in hydrogeological conditions for the construction of various facilities;
  • Designing of a construction dewatering system in order to protect the ditch from flooding;
  • calculation of the impact of water loss on surrounding buildings and structures and prevention of possible negative impact when pumping underground or groundwater;
  • calculations of water inflows into drainage systems;
  • design of wells for water in conjunction with the development of the project of the sanitary protection zone of wells;
  • hydrogeological monitoring - regular monitoring of the groundwater regime;
  • assessment of groundwater resources.

The results of hydrogeological research allow developing the necessary measures to reduce the negative impact of groundwater on the construction of foundations of erected buildings and structures, as well as on their construction and further operation.

Hydrogeological surveys are needed to justify projects to protect areas from flooding, design of hydraulic structures and water intake. Based on a comprehensive study of groundwater and geology of the site, a forecast is made of the changes in hydrogeological conditions during the construction of facilities.

during the experimental filtration work, wells are drilled to study the filtration regime and determine the filtration characteristics of the aquifers. Experimental pumping allows you to monitor the water level in the well, conduct laboratory tests of water samples and establish the productivity of the well.

Hydrogeological studies carried out by the Center for Engineering and Geological Survey and Geosphere Design provide an opportunity to accurately predict the probability of groundwater inflow to construction pit, to make the calculation of water inflows into drainage systems, and also water-reducing devices.

To reflect the hydrogeological processes on the territory of the proposed building and to evaluate the projects of water depletion, drainage, drainage, etc. from the hydrogeological point of view, hydrogeological modeling allows.