LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
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Geotechnical works

Engineering and geotechnical surveys - works aimed at studying the properties of soils and soil massifs used as the foundation or environment of structures, as well as for assessing the stability of natural and anthropogenic soil massifs, slopes and slopes.

As part of engineering and geotechnical surveys, we perform the following types of work:

  • Passage of mine workings with their testing and laboratory studies of the mechanical properties of soils with the definition of characteristics for specific schemes for calculating foundation foundations;
  • Field testing of soils with determination of their standard strength and deformation characteristics (stamp, shear, pressiometric). Tests of standard and full-scale piles;
  • Determination of standard mechanical characteristics of soils using methods of static and dynamic sounding;
  • Physical and mathematical modeling of the interaction of buildings and structures with the geological environment;
  • Special studies of soil characteristics for individual programs for non-standard, including non-linear methods for calculating foundations, building designs;
  • Geotechnical control of the construction of buildings, structures and adjacent territories.

Engineering geotechnical surveys (as a rule, additionally or in combination with engineering and geological surveys) are carried out in the following cases:

  • construction of facilities with an increased level of responsibility and unique facilities;
  • construction of facilities with the underground penetration of more than 10 m;
  • construction of facilities in a dense urban development;
  • construction of facilities on sites with the development of dangerous geological and engineering-geological processes.

Among the many problems that we solve in the course of geotechnical surveys, the most popular at the present time are: 

  • Geotechnical monitoring
  • Observations on the condition of newly constructed or reconstructed buildings and structures;
  • Control of the change in the bases and the surrounding soil massif;
  • Organization of timely detection of deviations in the state and operation of structures, including geotechnical monitoring at transport construction sites (pipelines, reservoirs, transport infrastructure facilities, overpasses, bridges, tunnels, etc.);
  • Observations on the condition of the existing building located in the zone of influence of the new construction object, including (control of excavations and structures in the zone of influence, control of the surrounding area during dewatering and the installation of anti-filtration measures);
  • Development of measures to prevent and eliminate possible negative consequences.

Testing of piles

Our company uses proven classical approaches to the production of tests of various types of piles.

  • dynamic testing of piles;
  • static testing of piles (using an external platform and an anchorage system);
  • testing piles for pulling;
  • testing of bored piles (up to 600 mm in diameter, tests are carried out only in the presence of our specialist at all cycles of the device and control of pile manufacturing);
  • Monitoring of the state of the surrounding area during the installation of pile foundations;
  • control of the density and depth of piles using geophysical methods.

Monitoring of dangerous geological processes

Karst-suffusion, underflooding, slope processes, erosion processes.