LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
Our representative offices:

413124, Engels, Studencheskaya street ,68 "b", letter A, floor 1, office III, IV

num. 8-927-623-27-61

Representative in Sochinum. 8-918-104-59-19

109202, Moscow, Perovskoye highway, 21, building 2

num. 8-906-746-94-97

Drilling works and the device of the foundations

Specialists of the company perform various types of drilling to solve various tasks in the construction, prospecting and exploration of deposits. We also carry out the construction of foundations for low-rise construction of various designs (plate, belt, pile-pillar, columnar).

  • Drilling of pits and pipes up to 800 mm in diameter to a depth of 5 meters;
  • Drilling of pits for supports and poles up to 10 meters in diameter up to 450 mm;
  • Drilling of technical wells in the installation of pile foundations from bored piles of shallow laying with a diameter of up to 600 mm;
  • Drilling of the leading wells in the construction of pile foundations with a diameter from 108 to 250 mm to a depth of 20 meters;
  • Drilling of wells for water of various diameters and purpose, including deep ones over 200 meters on artesian water.