LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological
Surveys and Design «Geosphere»
Our representative offices:

413124, Engels, Studencheskaya street ,68 "b", letter A, floor 1, office III, IV

num. 8-927-623-27-61

Representative in Sochinum. 8-918-104-59-19

109202, Moscow, Perovskoye highway, 21, building 2

num. 8-906-746-94-97

Laboratory works

As part of the company, the LLC «Center for Engineering and Geological Surveys and Design» Geosphere» operates a laboratory that performs a complex of laboratory works aimed at a detailed study of the physical and mechanical characteristics of soils, as well as the study of the chemical composition of soils, soils, sediments and natural waters.

The results of laboratory studies are necessary to predict the effect of soil properties and the ecosystem as a whole on the reliability and durability of future structures (gas and oil pipelines, plants, bridges, roads, power lines, etc.). Competent and professional approach of our experts to conduct laboratory work guarantees the receipt of reliable test results and measurements.

Our laboratory conducts a reliable quantitative comprehensive assessment of soil properties, which is the key to accurate prediction of the sediment of buildings and structures, the stability of slopes and slopes, the design of economical and reliable foundation designs.

The main research of our laboratory:

  • density according to State standard 5180-84;
  • particle density according to State standard 5180-84;
  • humidity according to State standard 5180-84;
  • yield strengths in accordance with State standard 5180-84;
  • the boundaries of rolling according to State standard 5180-84;
  • granulometric composition according to State standard 12536-79;
  • characteristics of subsidence in accordance with State standard 23161-78;
  • filtration coefficient according to State standard 25584-90;
  • the angle of repose on Republican Building Norms 51-84;
  • mechanical characteristics in accordance with State standard 12248-2010 (compression instruments, kinematic shear boxes, sets of equipment for triaxial tests of specimens of diameters up to 100 mm at a lateral compression stress up to 1 200 kPa);
  • dynamic characteristics of the soil (soil vibro-creep);
  • building properties of sandy soils in accordance with State standard 8735-88;
  • building properties of inert materials (crushed stone);
  • Determination of soil compaction factor in laboratory and field conditions;
  • corrosion aggressiveness of the ground with respect to carbonaceous and low-alloyed steel;
  • chemical analysis of water extracts of soils and bottom sediments;
  • chemical analysis of water from various sources of origin.

All equipment is certified for testing, laboratory staff have certificates of sufficient qualifications for work on it.